Saturday, August 25, 2007

CollegeGirl moves in at W&M

Moving in
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Well, we're officially college parents now. On Friday we helped to move CollegeGirl into her dorm at William & Mary. Taking two cars was definitely the way to go as we only had to navigate the one car with all the gear up to the dorm. That was a trick in itself as we had to thwart the evil roadblocking antics of the guy we now call MeanOldPoliceDude who tried to get us to unload our stuff at the furthest point from the dorm. After he moved on, we just loaded the car back up and drove right down to the dorm. So fie on you MeanOldPoliceDude!

I have to say that the dorm rooms in the Botetourt complex seem a bit small. Fortunately, mom and daughter had meticulously planned and had six different floor plans to choose from. When her roommate arrived they chose a plan and we quickly unbunked the beds and rearranged the room. The plans ended up getting shared up and down the hall as others arranged their rooms. We even had other moms and daughters coming in to check out the ultra-efficient closet organization.

We hung around until just after 1pm when CG had to go to her hall meeting. We passed on the President's welcome ceremony in order to turn in forms at Student Health and pay yet another fee at Blow Hall. We then took the boys to Pirece's Pit Barbeque for a great lunch. Afterwards, we decided it would be nice to pick up some drinks and snacks for CG so we headed to Williamsburg's only Ukrops. In the same shopping center was a Rue 21 store which is one of CG's favorites so polMom ran in and bought her a shirt with owl prints.

We hoped we could sneak back in to the dorm and drop the stuff off. The dorm was unlocked so we quietly went up the stairs and met CG at the top of the landing. You could see the "I thought you people were gone" look in her eyes but we explained we came bearing gifts and she grudgingly went back and let us into her room. We quickly dropped the stuff off and skedaddled back to Richmond.

Everyone asks if it was an emotional scene or hard to let her go but we've become so used to her being gone so much (teaching at Cub Camp, week-long kayaking trips, THIMUN, etc.) that it really hasn't sunk in yet. During the summer we saw her for brief periods about once a week so I'm sure we'll start missing those moments in the weeks ahead. Hopefully she'll manage to find a spare moment or two during the week to drop us an email or phone call ... or blog.

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