Tuesday, August 28, 2007

9 ... er ... 8 Survival Tips for College Freshman

eyeRblog >> 9 Survival Tips for College Freshman

eyeRmonkey has some great advice for all you freshman out there (and you know who you are) that he's culled from his experiences at the University of Oregon. His #1 tip? Be more outgoing the first week as it will define the rest of your year:

"I feel like this is the most important piece of advice I could offer, but I also know it's the hardest thing to control. During the first week, be more outgoing that you normally would. Over the first couple days, meet and talk to every person in the dorm for at least a couple minutes. The best way to develop a community is to do everything as a group for the first week."

I can't imagine anyone much more outgoing their our own CollegeGirl so maybe she can focus on the other ones. Also, for some reason he left off item #5 but I'm pretty sure it was something about the importance of contacting your parents on a regular basis.

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