Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Camp Jost's 2007 season ends today

Glimpse into the tent
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Not content with just a week or two out camping with the Scouts, the boys setup a big tent in the backyard every summer and sleep out in it almost every night. They call it Camp Jost and it's their personal haven for the summer. And quite a luxurious one at that.

They run an extension cord out from the house to power lights and a fan (there might have been a TV out there at one point). In July they had a hammock and twin bed in there with various tables and chairs. However, there was a remodeling in August that replaced those with a queen-sized air mattress and inflatable sofa (please don't ask me why we have these things ... we just do). Think tour companies invented glamping? These boys pioneered it.

Well we're headed to Sunset Beach tonight (yay!) which means that the Camp Jost season must come to an end (aw!). The boys packed everything up this morning but were in good spirits for two reasons. One was that we're going to the beach through Labor Day which is always a good thing. The second is that when they come back they can put their creative energies into constructing what has been dubed "The Party Room." That would be the room that was until recently occupied by a certain girl who has moved on to new digs in Williamsburg.

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