Tuesday, August 28, 2007

$70 for crayons?!?

No, not really ... but close.

polMom was being a nice sister and trying to take advantage of a sale from OfficeMax that offered boxes of crayons for a penny a piece which is a great deal because they're normally 99 cents a box. She thought she'd get a bunch for her sister the teacher to use but she didn't inform me until we got in that it was limited to three boxes per person. She handed three each to both of the boys and handed three to me but I balked. I said it felt like we were cheating the system (everyone reading this already knows this will come back to haunt me). She just rolled her eyes, took the three boxes herself, and headed to the checkout.

I proceeded to wander around the store with the warm cloak of self-righteousness tightly wrapped around me. I grabbed some padded CD mailers I thought I might be able to use which looked like they were a good price. After wandering around for a bit, OlderSon came up with an HP DVD840i Lightscribe DVD+RW drive in his hands that had been marked down to $40. I knew we had to have it.

We had just sent CollegeGirl off to school with a brand new laptop that had a Lightscribe DVD burner. For the brief period it sat in the house I thought of all the creative things we could do with it (none of which I will actually follow through on) like making DVDs for family members.

So, we bought the DVD drive for $40. Of course we had to get the expensive Lightscribe CD-Rs or what was the point of the drive. A set of ten (with jewel cases) was another $12. And the mailers that looked like they were $5 turned out to be actually $7.50.

And I forgot to get the three boxes of crayons when I checked out. Bad move.

polMom totaled up the costs on the way home. Cost for my stuff that we didn't come for: $70. Cost for her and the boys for what they did come for: 9 cents.

But the DVD drive is very cool!

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