Monday, February 25, 2008

Windwalkers in action!

The above picture was taken Saturday night during the 3rd Annual Deep Run High School Winter Guard Competition. The performance shown is that of the Windwalkers, the Indoor ColorGuard at William and Mary that CollegeGirl is a member of. It's hard to see but that's her all the way to the right. You can see lots more pictures in the Flickr album by clicking on the link.

polMom and the boys drove down to Williamsburg to pick her up and drive her back to Richmond so she would have time to interview to again be on the Cub Scout sumer camp staff. I think she's hoping to be director of the Nature Center this year. After the interview they treated her to a Taco Bell lunch (her favorite) before dropping her off at Deep Run HS.

Not too long after that polMom got a call that CollegeGirl didn't bring her flag and her team had also left Billsburg without it. With the memory of the primary day fiasco still fresh in her memory, polMom graciously volunteered to once again make the 100+ mile roundtrip to Williamsburg to retrieve it. When we totaled up polMom's total mileage for the day we figured she could have driven down to Sunset Beach instead.

Their performance wasn't scheduled until 8:19pm so we arrived a little bit before 8pm and CollegeGirl greeted us with complimentary passes. We also got to meet her instructor/mentor/coach Samantha who recruited me to record a video if their performance. This enabled me to view their performance from the ultra-exclusive video platform ... also known as the top corner of the stands. At least it was easy to see.

polMom had been to guard competitions before when CollegeGirl was still HighSchoolGirl but this was my first time at one and I was really impressed. The Windwalkers' routine was inspired by Hairspray and was upbeat and fun. The girls looked like they were really enjoying themselves. The video was posted to YouTube that same night so you can view it below (CollegeGirl starts third from the left if you want to try and follow her):

Afterwards we got a chance to chat with her a bit while they were packing up. It was great to see her and we're looking forward to seeing her a bit more over Spring Break in a couple of weeks.

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