Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's OlderSon's FIRST arm!

Flickr album: Highland Springs FIRST Robotics

Guess I should explain the post's title. Both OlderSon and YoungerSon are members of FIRST robotics teams that are participating in this year's competition. OlderSon is a member of Highland Springs HS team 617, also known as LOCOmotion whose robot is shown at the left. YoungerSon is a member of JR Tucker HS team 384, also known as Sparky whose robot is shown to the right. The schools, of course, are on opposite sides of the county but both relatively close to Interstate 64 so driving back and forth between them several times a day isn't too bad.

Here's OlderSon in the HSHS's Center for Engineering workshop with his design for the robot's "Scorpion" arm used to knock the giant ball off it's perch 6.5 feet in the air. Normally freshmen on the team are seen rather than heard but OlderSon got his design selected by the team to include on the production robot. He was really excited and it was great to see him so enthusiastic about the event.

Both boys spent Saturday and all day on Monday (which was a school holiday) with their teams putting the final touches on their robots to get them ready before they had to be boxed up and shipped out on Tuesday. They'll both be competing in the Richmond Regionals at VCU on March 6th, 7th, and 8th.

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