Monday, December 24, 2007

CollegeGirl is home ... sort of

polMom and the boys went and picked up CollegeGirl from William and Mary on Friday morning. They all kicked around W'burg and shopped while waiting for polMom's sister in West Point to be home as the boys would be spending the night with their cousin. After dropping off the boys, the girls came home, unloaded CollegeGirl's things and then we all went to dinner at Guadalajara in Short Pump.

The restaurant came highly recommended by a couple of polMom's buddies but we all found it pretty mediocre with fairly bland food. Probably won't be making a return visit.

After we got home, CollegeGirl assumed the position we've become used to as shown in the picture here. She slept right through to about 3pm on Saturday, got up, got dressed and went out with her high school friends to dinner and a movie. She was awake about 10am on Sunday but never left the bed, fell back asleep and ended up wandering downstairs about 4pm. We did manage to actually have dinner with her and watch The Amazing Race before she left again for another movie with friends. Plus, if we're willing to stay up until 2am we can spend some quality time with her.

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