Friday, November 9, 2007

Going to our first Springers football game ... NOT!

We spent four years going to JR Tucker HS football games when CollegeGirl was attending and those four years were pretty miserable. However, I have been enjoying watching the phenomenal progress of OlderSon's Highland Springs HS as they march towards an undefeated season. Unfortunately, we haven't made it to a single game all season.

So it was with great excitement that we got all our gear together and headed off for the regular season finale with arch-rival Varina which is the closest high school to HSHS. Whoever won the game would win the Capital District championship. We made the 25 mile drive across town and pulled up to the parking lot only to see it blocked by several police cars. The marquee by the road read "Game Sold Out."

Something else we never had to worry about at Tucker.

So we turned the car around, found the game on the radio, and listened to it on the way home. Final score: Highland Springs 40, Varina 24.

Oh ... and the coaches had a fight on the field after the game. Pretty classy. Didn't have that Tucker either. The Varina coach was apparently upset that the Springers went for a two-point conversion with 36 seconds left. I guess he didn't notice that Highland Springs has been going for two points all year long and never kicking field goals because we have no kicker.

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