Friday, November 2, 2007

CollegeGirl 2.0

Apparently William and Mary does such a good job at filling up their students' brains that they forget basic skills like how to operate a telephone or to send email. Our poor daughter has only been able to make one phone call and send just a (small) handful of emails in the 2+ months she's been at school.

Fortunately, the part of her brain that knows how to update Facebook is still intact. For those that don't know what Facebook is, it's a part of what's known as social computing. You have your own page where you can post pictures, leave comments, and add applications that will do everything from show what books your reading to listing your course schedule to playing your favorite music. You can also post your "status" to let your friends and family know what you're doing. And it's pretty much our sole window into the life of CollegeGirl.

To share a taste of it with you, here's all of CollegeGirl's status messages since October 6th. Make note of the times some of these are written. All of them automatically begin with "CollegeGirl is":
  • is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... 7:19pm, Oct 6
  • is awake and wondering what to do tonight... 10:08pm, Oct 6
  • is Tinker Bell! :). 6:28pm, Oct 7
  • is madly in love with PC, now and forever. 6:56pm, Oct 8
  • is suffering from a PC invasion... 7:47pm, Oct 8
  • is rockn' the capture the flag... 1:56am, Oct 10
  • is working....papers = bane of existance. 1:18am, Oct 11
  • is finally at home...all native americaned out... 2:26pm, Oct 14
  • is well rested from home, but glad to be heading back to W&M...not looking forwards to classes however... 12:42am, Oct 17
  • is glad to be back, but trying to figure out what on earth is going on in her life....stupid exams... 1:43pm, Oct 17
  • is madly in love with PC. I mean look at him... 7:11pm, Oct 17
  • is PC must die... 8:44pm, Oct 17
  • is yay! Rain! 1:37pm, Oct 18
  • is yay! Rain! Boo, work.. 1:44pm, Oct 18
  • is feeling sorry for her roomie... 2:59pm, Oct 18
  • is blistered, tired, achey and wonderously happy with the most amazing weekend EVER!! Thanks guys! ♥ to study my mind out for bio... 1:52pm, Oct 21
  • is excited for Capture the Flag tomorrow...still in a glow over the weekend... 12:33am, Oct 23
  • is excited for Capture the Flag today...I love windy fall days and dancing in the leaves... 2:28pm, Oct 23
  • is enjoying the rain...I love fall. 3:36pm, Oct 24
  • is enjoying the rain and baking muffins in D-wid! 4:50pm, Oct 24
  • is pondering whether she wants to go out and play in the rain... 10:22pm, Oct 24
  • is done pondering...going to head to WaWa and sing/skip/dance/slide through the rain swept campus! YaY! 10:35pm, Oct 24
  • is disappointed by the lack of rain, but puddles are fun too! 12:04am, Oct 25
  • is back from her second, much more successful rainy day encounter! 3:01am, Oct 25
  • is hating chemistry with a burning passion... working on Bio in the dorm until 4, then to Swem for Bio Lab... 2:10pm, Oct 25
  • is really wishing her Facebook photos would get their act together and keep their tags! 1:45am, Oct 26
  • is not really sure cookies are supposed to look like this... 5:39pm, Oct 26
  • is wondering what's going down tonight and how to make it to everything... 7:27pm, Oct 26
  • is super history weekend, huzzah!! 10:43pm, Oct 27
  • is at Rosewell for BBQ and bluegrass fun! Yay for History! ". 11:37am, Oct 28
  • is yay! My eggs hatched origami birds, thanks guys!! 4:58pm, Oct 28
  • is yay! My eggs hatched origami birds, thanks guys!! YEAH SOX! 2:55am, Oct 29
  • is loving the weather! 2:58pm, Oct 29
  • is messing around with her schedule... 11:46pm, Oct 29
  • is trying to figure out what's going on with Halloween... 8:17am, Oct 30
  • is sad Halloween is was fun guys! Much love to you all for great evening! 2:41am, Nov 1

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